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Our mission is to honor the wisdom of cacao and share her medicine with others, as we heal ourselves, we heal the earth. Ceremonial cacao is plant spirit medicine that has been grown and prepared to retain the essence of the cacao plant for use in healing and journeying.

The ancient spirit medicine of cacao is empowered through reciprocal relationship and consistent practice. To create or continue your relationship with cacao, prepare your ceremonial brew and sip in mediation. Plant spirit medicine is the art of deep listening - listening to the plant and to your higher self.

Maretai cacao is cultivated in its native habitat using sustainable farming practices, ensuring favourable living conditions for farmers and their families. Grown in the Amazon region of Peru, this single-origin Criollo variety cacao is ideal for modern cacao ceremonies.

Ceremonial Cacao 600g

  • No refunds on change of mind.

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