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  • What is RCT & why work with me?
    As a therapist I believe in the power of autonomy therefore sessions are designed to be ‘client focused’ so that you experience the most out of each session. With an extensive lived background in complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I am astute in the sensitive nature of trauma. This is why safety is the foundation of my therapy style and I move to the rhythm of the clients' needs. I believe clients have the self-energy to heal, so including the individual in their healing journey is vital. I offer a therapeutic space in which you can explore and express your emotions, whilst been fully seen and heard.
  • What is Breathwork?
    Breathwork put simlply is the concious manipulation of our breath. We do this in order to gain an awareness of our breathing patterns and with regular practice, will help clear the mind and heal the body in ways never before imaginable.
  • Is breathwork for anyone?
    Yes. People of all ages and experiece can do it. However if you do have any concerns or pre existing conditions please seek advise from your health care provider before attempting any type of breathwork. There are quite a few different methods out there. Some are gentle, while others can be quite forceful so have a look at a few before committing. If you would like to know more about the different types of breathwork out there please reach out and we would love to tell you all that we know.
  • What if I have never been able to meditate?
    Unfortunately most of us have the same problem, we cant seem to stop the chatter. But through the breath we are able to break through that and tap into our subconcious. By having our attention on our breath we are able to create the ability to go deep within our minds and our spirit. We take control of our monkey brains and gain what is known as thoughtless awareness. This is the state in which we seek when we meditate. It is within this state that our bodies begin to heal.

About Us

Only 50 minutes from Brisbanes CBD, we are set on a beautiful 13 acres of bushland where we are striving to build a community based culture.

Encompassing a variety of modalities such as breathwork, root cause therapy, sound therapy, intuitive counselling, numerology and cacao ceremonies with future projects and workshops to include internal family system therapy, yoga, hot/cold therapy, permaculture and of course natural building in ways that are inclusive to all walks of life and experiences.

We would like nothing more than to be but a guide. This is your own journey.

Through the awareness of breath, the changing of a thought and the willingness to create new lifestyle habits, we can HEAL ourselves and help HEAL each other.

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